It is the only Moroccan company based between Casablanca and Shanghai created to develop trade relations between Morocco and China. MIM (Made In Morocco) Consulting Group’s field of expertise focuses on several sectors, mainly agri-food, industry, textiles and cosmetics – with a portfolio of about ten partners Moroccans looking for export opportunities in Asia.

In addition to finding outlets for companies, it meets the needs of companies in terms of purchasing for all that pertains to machinery or industrial purchases, at two levels: pure sourcing and purchasing To meet an identified need. MIM Consulting Group also operates through a third component, which includes consulting and support services in conjunction with Moroccan public and private institutions.

Based in Morocco and China, the multicultural consulting teams of MIMConsulting Group, mainly composed of Chinese consultants for the Shanghai office, ensure the implementation of successful business strategies tailored to the Chinese market and its customs. Trade negotiations. Launched in April 2014, MIM Consulting Group plans two more locations in 2016, notably in Jakarta and Moscow.