Mehdi Laraki was re-elected president of Réseau Entreprendre Maroc for a second term at the end of the Ordinary General Assembly of this organization working for the public utility. The association, which brings together experienced business leaders, held its AGO to appoint its new Board of Directors, made up of 24 directors, business leaders and members of the association, the network said in a statement. Subsequently, the new administrators formed the National Bureau composed of 7 administrators and appointed, respectively, Mehdi Laraki as president and Mohamed Zahid as vice-president under the mandate 2021-2024, reports MAP. Three values ​​summarize the approach of the Réseau Entreprendre Maroc, namely “the important thing is the person”, “the principle is free” and “the spirit is reciprocity”. Thus, Réseau Entrepreneur Maroc offers candidates with great potential free support which they in turn will have to offer to other entrepreneurs in the future. Réseau Entreprendre Maroc is an association of 350 business leaders whose mission is to contribute to the success of new entrepreneurs who are significant creators of jobs and wealth. This association was created in 2005 on the initiative of business leaders active in the field of entrepreneurial support, convinced of the importance of the creation of new projects in the creation of jobs. Pourrappel, Réseau Entreprendre Maroc is a member of the international network of associations Réseau Entreprendre, present in ten countries and bringing together more than 14,000 business leaders. This global network was created in 1986 around a single motto: “To create jobs, let’s create employers”, adds the same source. To date, Réseau Entreprendre Maroc has been able to support more than 242 companies led by 355 young entrepreneurs, thus generating more than 1,200 jobs. Thanks to the support and commitment of its members, 86% of the winning companies of the Entreprendre Maroc Network still exist after 3 years. These young project leaders develop and create added value, wealth and up to 3 to 5 jobs in the first three years of their activity, while rejecting the informal. This support also includes financial assistance delivered on a personal basis to the winners by the association, through fundraising from financial organizations, in the amount of 35.7 million dirhams.