Mehdi Laraki, President of Réseau Entreprendre Maroc

Written by Safaa KSAANI ​​on Wednesday March 24, 2021

The members of Réseau Entreprendre Maroc renew their confidence in the CEO of the Gelacom group, Mehdi Laraki, as president of this association.

Interview with Mehdi Laraki: “Entrepreneurship in bad shape in the Kingdom”
– You were re-elected president of Réseau Entreprendre Maroc for a second term at the head of this organization working for the public utility. A testimony of confidence in you and your skills?

– I am honored to be re-elected at the head of this association for a second term. You should know that at the Réseau Entreprendre Maroc, decisions have always been taken in a collegial and voluntary manner in the service of project leaders. We’re not here to pull the blanket over.

– The action of the Réseau Entreprendre Maroc is oriented towards projects with potential in terms of job creation as well as the engagement of volunteer business leaders who support new entrepreneurs. What does the Network offer to support entrepreneurs in general?

– First of all, you should know that we consider that the human support of project leaders represents 90% of success. While funding only represents 10% of this success. Anyone with a project idea or a well-crafted project comes to see us in one of our regional offices and is supported by a permanent team. A 5-year Business Plan is given to him before proposing this plan to business leaders. These active business leaders, experienced and volunteered in our sections, provide project leaders with tools and share best practices with them, with a view to refining the Business Plan. Once this validation step has been completed, the project leader goes before a commitment committee. Business leaders, different from the first, will conduct a meeting with the winner in order to take him out of his comfort zone and challenge him. Objective: to see if the candidate is master of his project or not. If the candidate is selected, a 0% loan of 100,000 to 700,000 DH can be granted. Then, a business manager will accompany and assist him over a few years, to share best practices with him and open his address book. Human support is what makes the strength of Réseau Entreprendre Maroc. Today, 86 to 87% of the companies we support are still in business after three years.

– A word on Moroccan small businesses?

– Fortunately, His Majesty King Mohamed VI is there to instill strong programs, such as the Intilaka program. Sharing the expertise of business leaders is what is missing to improve entrepreneurship in Morocco. Neither money nor innovative project ideas are lacking. What we lack is the sharing of expertise and the support of project leaders. It’s great to see business leaders giving us an hour a month to support today’s young entrepreneurs. At the Réseau Entreprendre Maroc, only 350 business leaders volunteer. Which is not enough.
Collected by Safaa KSAANI

Entrepreneurship Morocco Network
A network of associations of business leaders and business executives supports young entrepreneurs

The Réseau Entreprendre Maroc association was created in 2005 at the initiative of business leaders active in the field of entrepreneurial support, seduced by the mission and fundamentals of Réseau Entreprendre and convinced of the importance of creation. new projects in job creation.

Helping project leaders complete their entrepreneurial process, with support from a business manager, this is the main mission of the Réseau Entreprendre Maroc. To this mission is added that of contributing to the success of new entrepreneurs, enriching the projects of new entrepreneurs with the experience of confirmed business leaders, avoiding the isolation of young entrepreneurs and arousing reflection and anticipation. problems.

2011 was the start of a new adventure for Réseau Entreprendre Maroc, following the opening of regional offices in 8 sections: Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Marrakech, Agadir, El Jadida, Khouribga, Benguerir, where business leaders and economic and public actors support young project leaders.

As a reminder, Réseau Entreprendre Maroc is a member of the international network of associations Réseau Entreprendre, present in eleven countries and bringing together more than 15,000 business leaders. This global network was created in 1986 around a single motto: “To create jobs, let’s create employers”.