MIM CONSULTING GROUP is an independent consulting firm specializing in ambitious development projects, based on expert missions, audits and high quality market research for companies seeking extensive experience in Asian markets.

Our offices are strategically located in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, North Africa and Middle East region to ensure the full coordination of our international projects.

MIM CONSULTING GROUP is the perfect bridge between China and the Western world. Our experts follow you step-by-step and guide you with our in-depth knowledge of the Chinese / Asian environment

  • Office: 5 avenue des FAR, 12ème étage, Casablanca
  • Tel: +212 522 982 671 / +212 522 982 641
  • Fax: +212 522 982 638
  • E-mail: laraki@gelacom-group.com
  • Website: www.mim-asianmarket.com