At the foot of the mountains of the Grand Atlas, in the ocher land of Marrakech, the Tazakourt estates reserved their fields for the exclusive cultivation of the fruit of the olive tree. Located in the region of Tazakourt, they have an area of ​​57 hectares with 28 000 trees planted in the tazakourt region and 140 hectares with 24 000 trees planted in the Oum Rabia region.

With a production capacity of 35 tons per day, Les Domaines Tazakourt, a subsidiary of the Gelacom Group created in 2009, pays particular attention to the entire extraction process and the quality of their oil, guaranteed by carefully selected picking By hand and transported directly from the tree to its crushing unit, while at the same time emphasizing the originality of packaging with the sole objective of continuously improving the quality of the product offered.

Having resolutely chosen the high-end market and targeted some twenty containers exported mainly to Asia, these domains are now part of the Made In Morocco Asian Market (MIM) group, another subsidiary of the same group based in Shanghai, Which aims to promote Moroccan products in China and more widely in Asia, where the demand for innovative and quality products is booming.

Certified ITQI in 2012, the brand “la Goutte d’or” was the first olive oil to benefit Moroccan. In 2014, “La Pearl d’or” and “Prestiges Olive oil” were awarded the certification and the “SIAL SHANGHAI INNOVATION 2014” innovation prize, without omitting the The ITQI 2015 certification for the range of naturally flavored olive oils.

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